Accelerated Payment Options

Improve your cash flow with accelerated payment options available through your Shop Finances on Workcenter.


How FastPay Works

We’re excited you want to learn more about FastPay! Read on for all the information you may need.

You can apply FastPay, from your Shop Finances page to any job accepted by: 

  1. Select Invoices for Payout
  2. Review Payout Details
  3. Confirm Payout

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What jobs are eligible for FastPay?

All completed jobs are eligible for FastPay, however, the fee may vary.

FastPay Fees

What is the fee to get paid faster?

Fees vary based on when the job payout would normally be paid. If the job is scheduled to pay out in more than 14 days, a 4% fee applies. If the job is scheduled to pay out in fewer than 14 days, a 2% fee applies.