Using advanced filters to find diverse suppliers, specific quality standards, and certifications

If you work for a larger or governmental organization, it can be challenging to find suppliers with the right certification, registration and diversity requirements. Use our advanced search filters to find the right supplier.

1. Start your search for diverse suppliers

On select Diverse Suppliers from main drop-down menu and enter your search.

advanced filters 1 - Edited-1

2. Select requirements

You’ll be directed to a list of over 20 ownership/diversity options to narrow down your search, including selections for:

    • Minority-owned businesses
    • Women-owned businesses
    • Veteran-owned businesses
    • Small and disadvantaged businesses
    • Quality certifications
    • Registrations

After your selection, click the "Apply Selection to View Suppliers" button at the bottom of the page.

Apply filters 2-1

3. Add additional filters

Further narrow down your search by geolocation and company type.

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4. Review results

Browse your results. When you find a company of interest, click the "View Supplier" button on the supplier card to view their profile. There you can access specific company details and view statuses, certifications, and registrations.

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