Understanding your Catalog Analytics dashboard

For Catalog Navigator customers - here you’ll find a breakdown of the Catalog Analytics dashboard metrics, defining each of the 4 dashboards and customization capabilities.

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Traffic Sources

Measure the total referral clicks to your company’s catalog, broken down by referral source within the selected timeframe.


Measure user interaction with your catalog’s product content by page type and platform feature within a selected timeframe.


Measure the total number of catalog users that converted within a selected timeframe.

Reports and Inquiries

Extract dashboard metrics and prospect contact information generated through your catalog via RFQs, RFIs, and content downloads.


Use filters to customize your dashboard to visualize metrics using bar and line graphs.

  • Timeframe: Filter total number and % of change by specified timeframe
  • Content: Filter the total number of referrers and actions by product (the content filter mirrors your catalog structure)
  • Referrer: Filter total number and % of change by a specified referrer
  • Action: Filter total number and % of change by type of action taken