Catalog Navigator Account: Activate & manage registered users

How to activate the registered users feature and manage registered users in the Catalog Navigator backend tool.

First you need to turn on registered users, which you can do for any Catalog Navigator account. To do so, contact your project manager. 

1. Registered users can update their account

Once you turn on registered users in your Catalog Navigator, you’ll see a “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand corner. Users can sign in if they have an existing account, or register for an account if they’re new. Once logged in, they can enter their address (which will help them check out faster during different sessions),  review order history, and if they have an incomplete session where they saved the cart, they can also access that cart to continue their session.

2. Manage Registered Users by Signing in to Catalog Navigator and selecting the tool “Program Administrator”

Please note, to use Program Administrator, you will need Internet Explorer. Once you’re logged in, under the “Catalogs” tab, select “View PCAT Users.” Here you will see a summary of all registered users. If you wish to, you can edit current registered user information.

3. Assign registered users to a private catalog

If you have a private catalog, you can assign specific users to it so they can see alternate information or pricing that is specific to that private catalog. To do so, select the registered user, click “Assign Catalog” in the upper right-hand corner, and choose a private catalog from the menu. Then hit “Save.”

Another way to assign registered users to a private catalog is to go to the "Catalogs" tab and then select the “Manage Catalogs” tab beneath that. This will show a list of the different private catalogs within your Catalog Navigator. Select a private catalog, roll over "Edit" on the right-hand side, and see users. This will display a list of the registered users that are assigned to the selected private catalog. You can choose to remove users by clicking the minus symbol, or add them using the plus symbol.

4. Add registered users

Within Program Administrator, you can also add your own registered user. Click “Add User” in the upper right-hand corner and fill out the information. After that’s completed, select the “Save & Email Password” button. This will send a notification to that person's email. 

5. Export registered user data

If you like, you can export all registered users and their data. Go to the "Batch Update" tab at the top of the page, choose "Create," then select "Users." You can choose to export all registered users or registered users underneath a particular private catalog. The batch export feature is a great way to manage lots of user information.

6. Edit registered user data in a batch export

After the batch export is completed, you can download it and review it. From there, you can edit current data, delete registered users, and add new registered user information. Please note, when you add new registered user information, do not populate "WebUserID."

After making changes, save the file and re-upload it through the batch system. Choose "Import," "Batch Import," then "Users". Find the file on your hard drive, identify the format, and leave a comment then click "Upload." You can continue to refresh the page until the batch is processed.