Edit multiple items in a product line

Save yourself some time and make edits to multiple items within a product line in Catalog Navigator.

1. Start in the "Batch" tab

Let’s say there’s an attribute in a product line, such as color, that you want to change for multiple items. You can do this using our batch import capability.

Log in to the Catalog Manager Beta Tool and navigate to the “Batch” tab on the left-hand side panel.

2. Select the items you want to update

Click the green “Add” button on the right-hand side and choose “items” in the drop-down menu. Select the format for your file, such as Excel, then click the “Categories” tab on the top of the page. On the right-hand side choose an existing product line that you want to make changes to by selecting the product line’s checkbox. Then, drag it over to the main section of the page. Click the green “Save” button. Now, under the “Status” column wait for this to update from “Waiting” to “Processed” and finally, “Completed.”

3. Download the file

Download the file to your computer using the download icon on the right-hand side of the page under “Actions.” Open the file with Excel.

4. Edit the file

Review the export to see the different columns of product and data information. Identify the attribute(s) you wish to change. For example, you could update the color column from “DARK GRAY” to “Gray.” Save the file and close it once you finish making updates.

5. Upload the updated file

Head back to the “Batch” tab in Catalog Manager. To import the updates, click on the Excel icon in the upper right-hand corner and then upload the file. Again, wait for it to process. Once the file is completed you can validate the changes in the stage site.