How Do I Search for High-Quality North American Suppliers?

Using our supplier database of over 500,000 North American suppliers you can find and evaluate OEMs, custom manufacturers, service companies, and distributors.

1. Start on our Supplier Discovery database of over 500,000 North American suppliers

help high quality suppliers

2. Enter your search query

Select a category in the drop-down menu from product/service, company, or brand. Then, enter your search and click the Search button (or select from the options in the drop-down menu). 


3. Browse through a list of detailed company profiles

Options are great, but to help make your search easier our company profiles include key information to quickly narrow down your list. Company profile data includes:

  • Essential business information such as key contacts, founding year, annual revenue and number of employees
  • Complete list of products and services offered
  • Full catalog for selected companies
  • Structural data such as diversity status, quality, and registration certifications
  • Free Supplier Summary report

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Rest assured, our team of expert supplier content analysts work hard to maintain detailed and up-to-date company profiles to give you accurate and useful information. Supplier evaluation has never been so easy! 


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