Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about programs and company profiles.

How can I see the name of the person who visited my company profile page?

For data privacy reasons, we cannot provide a user’s name or contact information unless they willingly opt-in to be contacted by your company. This can mean submitting a form for a white paper, a request for information, or an email to your company.

Can I make changes to the categories chosen for my company profile?

Yes, you can make changes to the premium and second-tier categories chosen for your profile.
You should discuss any premium positioning categories with your Thomas sales representative. You can use Client Center to review and make edit requests for any 2nd tier categories. In both cases, the category must be supported by content on your website, product/service showcase, or your company profile.  

Will the Thomas team write all the category descriptions for us? Can I make edits?

Thomas’ Supplier Content team will create unique descriptions for all categories that are relevant to your company if you wish to update these descriptions; you can do so in the Client Center tool.

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What information does the “Request Report” give a user about us?

The “Request Report” feature provides the user with a summary of key business details, contact information, and content  available on your profile.  

How can I upload this data to my CRM?

You can export this data as a CSV file and upload it to different CRM tools (e.g., HubSpot). 

How can I submit a certificate not listed in the Client Center portal?

You can upload the certificate via Client Center. The Thomas Supplier Content team will evaluate it to verify its validity and reclassify it as such. 

Can I set an alert when someone from my Target Audience in Thomas WebTrax visits my site?

As of now, we don’t have any alert settings in Thomas WebTrax. However, it is best practice to visit your Thomas WebTrax portal weekly. This  allows you to identify any potential opportunities quickly. 

Can I link my company profile to multiple domains?

Generally, the rule is one account = one domain. The Thomas Supplier Content team can make exceptions for things like brands, micro sites, and third-party catalogs. If your company has special circumstances (as listed above), have your Thomas sales representative reach out to us. 

My company is known by different names/acronyms; do I show up for those?

Yes, we can add aliases to your company profile. While the Thomas Supplier Content team tries to be proactive in adding any aliases they find, you can make requests for additional ones through Thomas Customer Support

What dictates my positioning under certain categories on the

Your company’s positioning is based on the program points you have invested in specific categories. 

Will I only show up in categories that I am investing in?

No, the Thomas Supplier Content team will perform an in-depth review of your company’s website and place you in all relevant categories. 

Can I create my own General Brand Ad?

Yes. Our team will still develop an image to ensure we have ad placement on your company profile, but you can also create your own ad  with the following specifications: 
  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • 50 kb max size
  • JPEG or animated GIF format

Can I change my General Brand Ad image throughout the year?

Yes. If you are submitting your own image, you can change this monthly. If you are using an image created by our ads team, you can have a new one created on a quarterly basis.  

How can I reorder the items within my profile’s Additional Information / Content Library section?

You can upload items to different subsections “Company Information”, “Product Information”, and “Capabilities / Services”.  However, you cannot reorder items within these sections at this time. Item order will randomize for each user to ensure total visibility of all files. 

I have made changes to my company profile within the Client Center, but they aren’t appearing on the platform?

Depending on what you are updating, some items will not change immediately. If it requires a review from our content team (i.e. company name, key personnel, category edits, etc.), you will only see the update on your listing the following Monday.
Other updates will occur immediately, such as uploading a new logo or new content within the Content Library.

Why are my Activity Reports not showing current data?

Activity Reports are generated on a monthly basis between the 10th–15th with data from the previous calendar month. For real-time data, check out Thomas WebTrax

How can I upload my Instagram / Vimeo account to my profile?

At this time, we only offer support for the following social media platforms: 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Blogs