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Add in-house work to Workcenter

Along with your Thomas Projects, you have the functionality to add and manage your own within Workcenter.

To create a job, click Create Job on the Jobs management tab.

Job Details

Once clicked, the Job creation modal would appear. Enter Job ID and other optional information including Job Details, Ship by Date and media attachments. Upon completion click Continue to Line Item Details.

Line Item Details 

Select the appropriate Line Item from the Select a Line Item box. Once selection is complete, click Continue to Add Details. You can only skip to shipping details after the first line item has been added.

Enter Line Item Identifier, Description, Quantity, Unit Price and Details. If available CAD or engineering drawings can be placed into the drag and drop box. The Total Price will be auto calculated based on Quantity and Unit Price. Once complete, there are options to Change a Line Item, Submit & Add Another or Submit the job.

Summary of Line Items

Once all line items have been created, you will be brought to a summary screen.

The Add Line Item button allows the ability to add more line items.

Shipping Details

The shipping details screen allows the you to enter shipping information for when items in the job needs to be shipped out. Once complete, click to Continue to Review Job


Review Job

Job review provides an in-depth review of job information. There are options to go back to make adjustments to job details or finish and create a job. The edit button within each section will allow you to edit each line item’s job and shipping details. Finally, clicking on Finish Creating Job will generate a job that will appear in the Current Work tab of the Job Management page.



Let's take a closer look at creating and adding your own jobs