Integrate Catalog Navigator Forms with HubSpot

If you have a HubSpot account and actively review leads coming into HubSpot, take advantage of the integration with Catalog Navigator.

1. Create a form inside HubSpot

Be sure that the form you create in HubSpot has the same attributes and information that your form has within Catalog Navigator.

2. Login to the Catalog Navigator backend tool

Navigate to the Design Manager Beta selection in the Tools dropdown menu. If you need help logging in to the backend tool you can find assistance here.

3. Find the Catalog Navigator form

Verify this is the form you want to connect by selecting Preview.

4. Connect the 2 forms

Click Edit the form. In the Connector dropdown menu, select HubSpot; it'll prompt you to login.

5. Login to HubSpot & verify connection

Be sure you have user permissions for the HubSpot account you wish to connect. When you login to HubSpot it's going to prompt you to verify connecting Thomasnet QA Design Tool to HubSpot. Click Connect App, and then wait for the connection to complete.

6. Identify form & verify attributes

Identify the form in HubSpot that correlates to the Catalog Navigator form. Once selected, be sure to review the attributes and make sure that the HubSpot attribute correlates directly to the Catalgo Navigator attribute. Click Save when finished, and then click Publish for that form. 

7. Test connection

Now that the connection is setup, submit a test. Once submitted, in HubSpot, navigate to review the form submission by going to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms. Find the form in HubSpot, select Actions, and then select View Submissions.