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Manage Jobs in Workcenter

Learn how to manage your jobs within Workcenter by viewing your current and completed work.

The Jobs Tab on the menu bar is where you can access all your current and completed jobs. Clicking on the Jobs Tab will take you to the Current Work by default:

Current Work

In the Current Work tab, the number of jobs that are either in progress or have yet to be worked on will appear in the parentheses. 

The search bar at the top of the table allows you to search for a particular job or line items. The filters button allows you to filter the table based on various criteria, such as Job ID, Ship By Date, etc.

The download button will download a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) file of all the jobs in the Current Work table to your computer. This file can later be opened in third-party applications like Microsoft Excel for further data processing.

The table will display ten rows at a time. The available columns include:

  • Job ID - Unique identifier of the Job.
  • Customer Name - Name of the customer for the particular job. The symbol next to the customer name denotes the job type. For in-house jobs, the name of the customer entered in shipping details will be displayed. If a customer name is not entered, your organization’s name will be displayed.
  • Ship By Date - The date items from the job should be shipped by
  • Milestone - Only displays a value if the job is coming from the Job Board. The milestone displayed will be the one that was most recently completed Task for all line items within the job.
  • Progress - A visualization of the work that is completed, in progress and remaining to fulfill the job.
    • Percentage completion reflects the percentage of tasks within the job that are completed compared to the total number of tasks. It is not a reflection of the total number of units completed.
  • Units - The total number of units that need to be processed to fulfill the job.
  • Line Items - The number of unique items. A line item may contain multiple units.

Completed Work

The completed work tab displays a running list of all jobs that have been completed by your organization.

Other than Job ID and Customer, the available columns include:

  • Job Created - The date the job was created in Xometry Workcenter
  • Job Shipped - The date the job was shipped from your facility
  • Fulfillment Details - (Xometry only) Navigates the user to shipping history modal

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