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For Job Seekers: Industrial Resources

Find your dream job in manufacturing using Thomas' resources for industrial job seekers.

How can I find an industrial apprenticeship or internship?

Why You Should Become an Apprentice

If you're interested in pursuing a future career in industry, apprenticing can help you:  

How to Decide if an Industrial Apprenticeship or Internship Is the Right Fit

Not sure what kind of internship or apprenticeship is the right choice for your career goals?

Finding Your Dream Job

You know what kind of apprenticeship or internship you'd like to pursue, but you don't know where to start looking. 

How can I find part- or full-time work in industry?

Where to Find Your Dream Job

Are You a Veteran Looking to Pivot into an Industrial Career?

Not Sure Which Industrial Sector Is Right for You? Here Are a Few to Consider...

See Our Featured Job Listings

You can also check out direct job openings from industrial companies in the Thomas Monthly Newsletter. This month's featured hiring companies include: 

How can I continue to develop professionally in my new role

How to Continue Your Industrial Education


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