Map multiple images

You can use batch features to map unique images to separate items in Catalog Navigator.

1. Login to the Catalog Navigator backend tool

Navigate to the Catalog Manager Beta selection in the Tools dropdown menu. If you need help logging in to the backend tool you can find assistance here.

2. Image upload

Navigate to the Assets tab. You can either upload one image at a time or upload multiple images at once. Click on the green icon in the upper right hand corner to do so.

3. Mapping images

If you're uploading multiple images, once the images are uploaded, go to the Batch tab. Click on Add and then select Asset Assignments. Click on the Categories tab.

4. Product line selection

You can choose to export all product lines or select a specific product line. If you're selecting a specific product line, use the search bar on the right. When you find the product line you're looking for, check the box and drag and drop it over to the box on the left. Then click Save.

5. Mapping single assets

Download the file to review. The file will contain all of the products within that product line. If there's only one image, list the image file names in the Primary Image column. If you're mapping PDFs, you would enter those file names in the Downloads column. Be sure to also add the file names to the All Assets column.

6. Mapping multiple assets

If there are multiple assets (images, PDFs, etc), those should all be included in the All Assets column, separated by a "|". 

7. Batch upload & review

Save the file to your computer. Navigate back to the Batch tab and click upload icon. Once upload is complete, review on the test site by clicking refresh. You can see the unique images have been assigned on the item level.