Promote my company's USA-based products and materials

With an increasing demand for USA-based products and materials, we introduced 3 different supplier designations to help our more than 1.2 million users quickly locate and connect with qualified businesses.

  1. Made in the USA
    Companies with the Made in the USA designation state that one or more of their product offerings are manufactured in the United States of America.
  2. Buy American Act
    The Buy American Act restricts the purchase of non-domestic supplies. This act applies to federal government contracts for products used in the United States. The Buy American Act is intended for companies who wish to obtain federal government contracts. Businesses wishing to achieve compliance must ensure that the cost of domestic materials used in their end product exceeds the cost of any non-domestic materials.
  3. Berry Amendment
    The Berry Amendment Compliance is a federal regulation that requires Department of Defense funds to be spent on U.S. manufactured items in order to protect the United States industrial market during times of war. The Berry Amendment is intended for companies that wish to acquire Department of Defense contracts. Companies wishing to obtain compliance must guarantee that their products (including all components) are 100 percent domestic.

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Designation Requirements

Thomas requires proof of each designation to add them to a business listing. We accept the following examples that contain specific information on how your business or specific products comply:

  1. A link to your company website, and/or
  2. supporting document(s) (see example below).

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Get Started

With verified information, our team will update your company profile and include your company in the results for each designation’s filter, which helps buyers narrow their search for new suppliers. Again, if you have an existing profile, get started by filling out this form, or if your company is new to, please fill out this form.

You can also read about how users can search for and connect with suppliers with these designations here