How SEO multimedia content will look and function on my website

This article describes SEO multimedia deliverables and how they are utilized to positively impact SEO performance on websites.

Introduction to SEO Multimedia

If you have an SEO, SEO+ or Full Inbound program with Thomas Marketing Services, it’s likely that your program includes multimedia. Below is some information about these deliverables and how we utilize them to drive SEO KPIs.

SEO Multimedia

Our TMS SEO program most commonly includes 5 pieces of multimedia alongside the standard SEO content deliverables. These multimedia pieces are either infographics or videos. They are added to the website to:

  1. Increase engagement and time spent on page
  2. Act as assets that can be repurposed across other channels, including social media and trade shows
  3. Provide an alternative source of comprehensive content for website visitors/customers.

SEO Infographics

Infographics give an easy-to-understand overview of a topic through a collection of imagery, data visualizations, and minimal text. They aim to achieve the following: 

  1. Help you rank in Google Image Search results
  2. Help you rank in organic search results alongside traditional written content
  3. Communicate information about the corresponding topic in a quick, clear manner

Here are some examples of infographics we’ve created for past websites:



Other ways our infographics have been used:

  • Social media posts
  • Trade show banners
  • Gated .pdf files for lead collection
  • Printable takeaways from client’s offices or events

These graphics are usually embedded into pages in one of two ways:

They can be embedded into pages as smaller images that can be clicked to expand (called “lightbox” effect): 



They can also be embedded into page text as full-width graphics: 


SEO Videos

SEO Videos are another form of multimedia we might create during SEO programs. These are created by repurposing existing content from your site by overlapping text over related images and video clips. We utilize any client-provided access as well as our stock videos and photo libraries, so new footage is required or filmed. 

These videos aim to achieve the following:

  1. Appeal to site visitors, especially any who prefer videos over text
  2. Help you rank in Google Videos Search results (since YouTube is owned by Google)
  3. Help you rank in organic search results alongside traditional written content
  4. Act as powerful backlinks and sources of referral traffic

Here are some examples of videos we’ve created: