Understanding inheritance: minimizing data entry

In Catalog Navigator, inheritance is a great way to minimize data entry. Using inheritance can take advantage of data values that might repeat and be shared in a product line. We can also use inheritance to share an image.

For example, a product line may have many items and many attributes, but the color is the same for all part numbers. So, I can use Inheritance to populate a data value for color for the entire product line. Let’s see how this works:

1. Start in the "Product" tab

Log in to the Catalog Manager Beta tool and navigate to the “Product” tab using the right-hand side panel.

2. Identify the product line you want to edit

Click the “Edit Product” icon for your chosen product line. This will take you to the product page.

3. Use inheritance to populate data 

On the product page, select the “Values” tab. Here you can see attributes for the product line in question. If data is populated in the “Values” tab, that value will be inherited to the items, unless the item has a unique data value itself.

For example, if you have the attribute "color" in your product line you could populate the value for color for all items in the product line by setting the value for color as “Red” and then hitting the “Save” button. This action will set “Red” as the color for all items in the product line that do not already have data.

Set a unique value

However, if there is an item that has a unique value or needs a unique value, you can edit that specific item. Click on the “Edit Item” icon for the specific item, and go to the “Attributes” tab. Here you can populate a unique value. Make sure to save. You can also use the stage site to validate your data inheritance updates.

4. Use inheritance to update assets

Inheritance also applies to the way we assign assets on a product line level. Back in the Catalog Manager Beta tool in the “Products” tab, click the “Edit Product” icon on the product line you want to update the assets on.

This will take you to the “Properties” tab. Scroll down to see the primary image. If you don’t already have one added, upload it here. Roll over the image and you’ll see an “Edit” icon. Click on that. Once the pop up comes up, there will be a couple of options. You can change the display name and you’ll also see the checkbox “Inherit to Items.” Select that, close the pop up, and then hit the “Save” button at the top of the page. The primary product image will be inherited to all items beneath it unless there is a unique image assigned.