Thomas Customer Sales Tax

Understanding sales tax and common questions.

How do I know if my company will be charged for sales tax?

Thomas has partnered with industry-leading vendor Avalara to administer sales tax collection. If you want to understand the implications, email Additionally, these rates can change at any time based on local legislation.

Why am I being charged now?

The legal landscape around collecting sales tax on digital goods has been evolving for several years, and many states and localities now require us to collect sales tax on the products we sell. A summary of recent changes can be found on Avalara’s website.

What products are impacted?

All Thomas products are subject to this change. Taxable categories, however, vary by state and local jurisdictions. If you want to understand the implications, you can email

How does it affect my company’s billing?

Beginning April 1, 2023, your invoices are now eligible to be charged sales tax, and will begin seeing those charges on their monthly invoices. We will not collect any retroactive sales tax for invoices issued before April 1, 2023, regardless of when the contract was signed. 

Who do I contact for sales tax issues?

Issues and escalations can be emailed to or filed at

What if I’m tax-exempt -- what do I need to do?

Please submit any relevant tax exemption/partial tax exemption certificates to or fill out this form