Update product catalog structure

Understand catalog structure so you can effectively edit, restructure, add, and re-sort categories in the Catalog Manager.

1. Start in the "Categories" tab

Log in to the Catalog Manager Beta Tool and click on the “Categories” tab on the top of the left-hand panel.

2. Get familiar with the categories layout

Let’s go over the action buttons. The “Expand All” button on the top of the page allows you to see the full category structure meaning all sub-categories and all product lines mapped underneath them. “Collapse All” will minimize the structure.

On the right-hand side you’ll see the green “Add” button. This will allow you to add a new category.

3. Re-sort categories

Re-sorting categories is fairly simple, click and hold the three dots on the left side of the category title. Drag it and hover over the category you want to move it to. Once the black arrow appears, it’s able to be moved to the sub-category. Release, and you’ll have three options:

  • Link - The category will be placed in this sub-category, but stay in its original location. 
  • Move - This will transfer the category completely. 
  • Cancel - The action will be canceled. 

    4. Rearrange categories 

    If you wish to rearrange your categories, use the same drag and drop method. This time your validation will be a green check mark instead of the black arrow. This indicates the category is moving places, not being added to a sub-category.

    If you have a large category structure, trying to drag and drop each category or product line can take a lot of scrolling. To save yourself time, you can drag a section into the top blue bar next to the “Collapse All” button to pin it. Then navigate to the place you want to drop it. Simply click and drag it into that location, waiting for the black arrow or green checkmark to validate it’s moving.

    5. Edit categories

    To the right of the categories are various icons used to edit your categories. The pencil icon allows you to change the category name, image, or description. You can also double click the title to rename a category. The preview button allows you to see that category on the stage site.

    Remove or delete a category

    Next is the remove category icon, a circle with a horizontal line. This icon removes it from the structure, but it does not delete the category. Removing a product line from the category structure will automatically place it in a category called “Orphan Categories.” The product line will remain here until assigned back to the main structure.

    To delete a category completely use the trash can icon.