Thomas WebTrax: Sessions dashboard

Sessions give you deep, page level insight into visitors and their actions over time. Understanding how industrial purchasers interact with your online presence over the course of your sales cycles can be invaluable in helping to shape that presence.

Your Session Dashboards are broken into fives areas of navigation:

  • All Sessions: All sessions seen on your site within your selected time frame, with no filters applied.
  • Targeted Sessions: Sessions filtered by your Targets. See Customize Targets for more information.
  • Thomas Network Sessions: Sessions filtered to include those engaging your content on the Thomas Network.
  • Navigator Sessions: Sessions that interacted with Navigator/CAD content on your site. This option is visible to Thomas clients only.
  • Thomas RFIs & Phone Calls: RFIs and Phone Calls from users either on the Thomas Network or your own site.

Browsing Sessions

Click on the Details link and +/- symbol to review the pages seen in the session:

You can also click on the visitor's name to view all sessions of that visitor on your site in your selected time frame. Play with the time frame to see step by step how a visitor has engaged with your online presence over time.


You can use the general filtering provided by the navigation items, use your own custom filters, or a combination of both. You can filter by:

  1. Referrer
  2. Targets
  3. Specific Actions
  4. Specific Visitor Name or Search Term

Thomas RFIs & Phone Calls

RFIs and Phone Calls from users that occurred either on the Thomas Network or your own site — available to Thomas clients only.


  • Organization Name: When possible, a visitor is identified to an organization name. If this cannot be done, the term “unknown” is displayed, followed by the geographic location of the session, followed by the Internet Service Provider behind the session.
  • Referrer: Site, search engine, or directory that the visitor came from.
  • Search Term/Category: Search term (underlined) or category used by a visitor on a site, search engine, or directory.
  • Time of Visit: Date and time a visitor came to the website.
  • Session Duration: How long a visitor stayed on a website. Time will be 0:00 if only one page is viewed, as duration can only be calculated for a page after a second page is visited that is also tracked with WebTrax.
  • Pages/Session: How many pages were viewed on your website within the session.