How Do I Contact Suppliers and Request Quotes?

Once you’ve researched potential suppliers on, you’re ready to send a Request for Information (RFI) to the top candidate, or if you have a list of potential suppliers you can send an RFI to up to five suppliers with one form. 

1. Send an RFI to a potential supplier

Once you've found a supplier you want to contact using the supplier search function, click the View Supplier button on the supplier card to enter the company profile. Then, click the green Request Quote button on the right side. This will take you to the RFI form. 

RFIs redo - Edited

2. Send RFIs to multiple suppliers

Tired of filling out the same RFI form again and again for the same request? In supplier search, select up to five suppliers by clicking the Select Supplier box on the supplier card. Then, select the Request Info button on the banner on the bottom of the page (or use the Request Info button on the top of the page). This will take you to the RFI form. 

request info multiple RFIs

3. Send RFIs to multiple suppliers in your shortlist

Another way to send multiple RFIs is from your shortlist. Select up to five companies in a specific shortlist and then click the Contact button. Fill out one form and all of the selected companies will receive your request.



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