Thomas WebTrax: Getting setup

Welcome to Thomas WebTrax! Here's an overview of the steps needed to get up and running:

  1. Install the Thomas WebTrax tracking snippet on your website pages.
  2. Customize your audience targets and high value page targets.
  3. Review your default Technical Settings, such as bot filtering and enabling Thomas Network–only sessions in your WebTrax reporting.
  4. Review WebTrax reporting to track, identify, and engage with companies interacting with your online presence.

The data you need to start reviewing your online presence starts building within WebTrax only after the code is installed. It's best to get the tracking code in place even if you don't plan on reviewing WebTrax reporting right away.

Installing WebTrax

To find your customized WebTrax tracking snippets, click “Settings and Tutorials” within the main navigation, then click “Tagging Instructions.” On this page, you will find the main WebTrax code snippet and code to track individual downloads using WebTrax.

In order to use WebTrax, you must install the main tracking snippet that is customized for your WebTrax account. This tracking snippet must be placed on all pages on your website for complete WebTrax reporting, which can be easily copied right off of the “Tagging Instructions” page. Good places to implement the tracking snippet are just before the closing </body> tags within your website footer or just before the closing tags of your website header. If you run into problems, searching for “Install Custom Javascript” on your website platform's help site is a good place to start.

Tracking Downloads

On the "Tagging Instructions" page, highlight the onClick=“LogClick(this);” and copy/paste it into your HTML, where your download appears. Any items tagged as this will be tracked as “Asset Downloads” within your WebTrax reporting.

ex. <a href=”myfilename.pdf” onClick=“LogClick(this);”>PDF Name </a>

Thomas Clients
Need help getting WebTrax up and running and understanding the results over time? Thomas clients enjoy these WebTrax benefits:

  • Have WebTrax code implemented on your website by the Thomas WebTrax team with one on one WebTrax support as needed
  • Receive RFIs on the with RFI submissions and content visible directly in WebTrax session paths
  • Track calls made from your company profile and track calls made on own your site that is visible to users only
  • Review tracked calls and RFIs by sales classification (Sales Inquiry, Solicitation, Other) and save time by reading transcribed call summary notes with full recordings available to review or download.