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Integrating Thomas RFI Leads into HubSpot

This guide aims to streamline your experience in syncing leads and managing data, ensuring a robust and efficient connection between Thomas and HubSpot.

1. Preparation

Set up a Thomas user profile and claim your company profile.   If your company profile has been claimed by someone else in your organization, ask them to add you to the account team.

2. Access to the Connector 

  • Sign in to your Thomasnet.com Account
  • Navigate to the Integration Section in the left-hand navigation

Select the HubSpot connector to initiate the setup process.

3. Authenticate and Connect

  • Initiate the integration by clicking on the Hubspot “Add Integration” button
  • When prompted, log in or select your HubSpot account to authenticate the connection

  • Grant the necessary permissions for the Thomasnet platform to access your HubSpot instance. Note on App Store Status: Please be aware that our connector is not officially listed in the HubSpot App Store. As a result, when authorizing the connection, you will encounter a message stating, “This app hasn’t been reviewed or approved by HubSpot.” This is a standard notification for apps not yet officially recognized by HubSpot, but it does not impede the functionality or security of the integration. Please proceed with the authorization as normal.

  • Finalize the authentication process by clicking on “Connect app” to complete the integration (shown above).

4. Configure the Integration

  • Once authentication is complete, refresh your Hubspot Instance.
  • In your HubSpot instance, navigate to the Forms section. Here, you should find a newly created form titled “Thomasnet Supplier HubSpot Integration Form.” 
  • Every lead that comes through HubSpot will be displayed as a form submission within your HubSpot instance. This ensures that all incoming leads are consistently tracked and managed.

  • Configure the leads captured through the HubSpot form to automatically enter your existing Sales Enablement workflows. This ensures a seamless integration of new leads into your established sales processes. Note on configuration: Due to bespoke sales enablement workflows, it is up to your discretion to configure the leads to align with your internal sales and marketing processes. 

5. Test the Integration

  • Start by submitting a test Request for Information (RFI) form on Thomasnet.com.
  • After submission, this RFI should appear in the "Opportunities Tab" of your Thomasnet.com account, indicating successful capture.
  • HubSpot will concurrently display this form submission, allowing you to retrieve details specific to the RFI.

  • Confirm that contacts are being automatically created in HubSpot as a result of the integrated form submissions. 
  • Ensure that the activity related to each contact is being accurately recorded and tracked within HubSpot.

6. Review Project Details

  • After successfully completing the integration and testing phases, you can view detailed information about each RFI submission by navigating to the forms section of your Hubspot Instance.

  • By clicking on “View Submission”  and then “Project Details,” you will have a comprehensive overview of the specific RFI submission.

  • Note on Project Files:

    • All file attachments are verified through our part files services for compliance and regulatory adherence.
    • Due to this verification process, part files will be presented as URLs within the project details. To access these files, simply open the provided verified asset URLs in your browser.