Navigate your Thomas Account & Supplier Account

Here you'll find a breakdown of all the features and tools you're able to access through your Thomas Account and your Supplier Account dashboard.

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Your Thomas Account

Your Thomas Account Dashboard is a feature designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your Buyer Experience. You can browse recently created shortlists, recent searches, submitted Requests for Information (RFIs), and more.

Thomas Account Dashboard

Side Panel Navigation 

The side panel provides quick links to the information that’s most important to you. 

RFIs Sent

Here you’ll find all of your sent RFIs that have been vetted by our team of specialists. This feature allows you to keep track of all of your inquiries and conversations with suppliers in one convenient place.


On this page you can easily edit and manage all of your shortlists. You can also contact suppliers and request supplier summary reports.

Saved Suppliers

Access all of your saved suppliers here. You can view supplier profiles or request a supplier summary report. And if you’re further along in your sourcing journey, you can add companies to a shortlist or contact them directly. 

Pro tip: You can add suppliers to a shortlist or send an RFI (up to 5 companies) as a group action.

Saved Searches

Saved searches allow you to access previous searches with all filters applied. So if you require a very specific set of certifications or suppliers with unique capabilities, save your search to speed up future research.


We understand the effort that goes into your supplier research. We offer free supplier summary reports and in-depth, expertly-written white papers to help inform your buying experience. All downloaded documents are kept in your Thomas Account for reference.

Recent Activity

Need to go back to that last search or supplier? No problem. Access recent past searches and recently viewed suppliers to jump back into your sourcing journey. 

Settings & Preferences

Completing your account and keeping it up to date helps us recommend and serve you the most relevant and timely content for your company and career. Under your Thomas Account settings and preferences section, you can personalize your user profile, update your password, and manage your email subscriptions. Please note you cannot change your account email for the time being, but we are working on updating this soon.

Your Supplier Account Dashboard

Your Supplier Account Dashboard is a feature designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your Supplier Experience. You can access a number of tools, your billing and payment information, and more.

Your Supplier Dashboard-1

Side Panel Navigation 

The side panel provides quick links to the information that’s most important to you. 


See which buyers are actively sourcing for your products and services and focus on your greatest opportunities. Click here for more information.


Get insight into how your videos are performing  advertising program is performing with this video metrics dashboard.

View Leads

Check out who's contacting your company by submitting an RFQ or downloading whitepapers from your profile.

Company Profile Manager

Make updates to your company profile; add content like images, videos, sales sheets, and certifications. Click here for more information.

Catalog Manager

Access this online product management platform to manage your product catalog and product data.


Go beyond website analytics and get actionable data to engage in-market buyers with Thomas WebTrax.

Increase Leads

Accelerate your digital marketing and sales transformation and increase leads for your company today.


Administer your companies’ accounts, invite team members and designate roles and associated permissions. Click here for more information.

Billing & Payments

Access our online payment system for billing information, to make a payment, or set up monthly Auto Pay. Click here for more information.


We value your feedback and are always looking to improve our services. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please select the blue “Feedback” button on the right-hand side of Your Thomas Account and follow the prompts to leave your feedback.